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Archive for December 13th, 2012

Yes! The imagery in my latest cartoon is inspired by Great Pacific, a new comic by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo that takes place on a garbage patch.

Book Tour!

I’ll be doing a blitz of cons and appearances in May when Life Begins At Incorporation released. First up is Stumptown at the end of April, where I’ll be a special guest. Then it’s on to TCAF May 11-12, where I’ll also be giving a speech, and VanCAF May 25-26, (Yay Canada!) where again I’ll be a special guest.

In between those dates I’m planning an east coast tour: Cleveland, Columbus, Canton, Pittsburgh, DC, New York – possibly Boston, Detroit, and Chicago. If you have any contacts in those last three cities that could set something up, or you live somewhere else you’d like me to visit, please get it touch. I’m attempting to set all this up on my own.

A west coast trip is being slowly put together too: Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco.

Disappearing Ink

I get called for these “Death Of Editorial Cartoon” articles often enough now that it seriously depresses me. I’m thinking of retiring from being quoted in them. But this one turned out pretty good. Using Daryl Cagle’s fundraiser for Bill Day as a launching point, Chris Davis writes about the fabulous future of the field, consulting some folks you probably know about if you’ve been reading this blog regularly.


“This Modern World” creator Dan Perkins, who draws under the pen name Tom Tomorrow (see p. 55), is only slightly less pessimistic in his reading of the cartoon tea leaves. “This is an aging profession,” he quips, imagining a post-apocalyptic future when young Matt Bors is old Matt Bors, the last editorial cartoonist left on planet Earth.

“Symbolia” creator Erin Polgreen, a Chicago-based media consultant who sees much potential in the future of illustrated news, can’t envision a happy ending for traditional editorial cartoonists, either. “I don’t want to sound brutal,” Polgreen says, before rendering a brutally honest assessment: “At some point, it could have all evolved. But that never really happened.”


Here’s an exchange I had with Lalo Alcaraz this morning.



Washington Post Best Cartoons Of 2012

I got one in this time, which I think is the first time I’ve ever made one of these mainstream lists. It’s nice, but comes with the usual caveat that not many of what I would consider the “best” created this year are represented.