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Archive for November 14th, 2012

Kickstarter Stretch Goal: pre-order the second book now

There’s 7 days left in the campaign and getting to $30,000 means I can spend 2013 focused on this book and my editorial cartoons without distraction. So I’m committing to printing a second collection, confident that if I offer a pre-order for it in the final week I can get the money needed to print it. Buying it now helps support me through the next year.

Why two books? Because I have enough good material that won’t fit into the chapter themes of Life Begins At Incorporation. This book will be a 125 page black and white collection, featuring cartoons that didn’t fit into the first book all the way up to the moment of press in August 2013. (i.e. whatever crazy shit next year brings.) I’ll also snag someone for a good introduction and add some fun bonus material.

How to Order: Go here! The next book will cost $15 + $2 shipping. I’ve added new levels that include the second book at $42, $57, and $67. If you would like to back at a higher level, just add $17 and let me know when I send out the survey at the end. If your level includes a signature or drawing, you’ll get it for no additional cost in the second book as well.

New Folsom Prison Blues

Check out this new comic on Cartoon Movement by Angela Watercutter and Wendy MacNaughton, who reported on the prison’s struggling arts program. There are no cameras allowed inside, but they didn’t say anything about sketchbooks.

G.O.P. Soul Searching

Iran All Up In Our Drone Business

Last week, Iranian warplanes fired on an unarmed U.S. surveillance drone. They missed – they either intended it to be warning shots or Iran’s pilots need a little more training. America maintains the drone was a few miles out in international airspace. Iran says it was in theirs. As with most things having to do with American foreign policy, let’s switch the roles and see if we find it acceptable. Iran sending spy drones a few miles off the coast of New York for “routine surveillance missions”? Yeah, that wouldn’t fly.