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Two Videos

I'll have a cartoon and some commentary on Egypt Wednesday--and who knows what the situation will even be by then. For now, this video is pretty spot-on in capturing our government's disgraceful response to the massive and inspiring uprising of an oppressed people. Then there's this video from Eric Powell, creator of "The Goon," being passed around comic circles. He makes a good point about the industry being utterly dominated by corporate characters in tights. When you think of applying this situation to another creative field, it hurts your head. It would be like having the entire field of fiction writing dominated by two publishing houses that only churned out Lord Of The Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia books, perpetuating the properties for decades on end and the big writers of the day--Stephen King, Jonathan Franzen, Cormac McCarthy--pining to have their shot at the properties to see which character they could kill off for a year or so before being brought back to life for Anne Rice's exciting run.
01.31.2011 |