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Exorcism School

When I came across that passage in an LA Times article about a priest serving as an exorcist adviser for a movie, the entire comic took shape almost immediately in my head. That it is even legal to torment mentally ill people in this manner baffles my mind, but freedom of religion and gun ownership seem to be the only Constitutional rights we’re willing to run with to the ultimate ends of absurdity.

The 40 hour exorcism course struck me as both far too short and incredibly long. If I truly believed my exorcist was battling demons from hell with training acquired from a 40 hour course, it might shake my faith a bit. From the other perspective–reality–what is it that they even have to teach them? Are there texts or training videos?

Demons are pretty pathetic creatures if old white guys can cast them out with a few Latin phrases they memorized and some tap water someone said magic words over.

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