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Mailbag Douchebag

Ron Buser writes:
Did you miss the memo? Hey liberal lemming idiot Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck nor the TEA Party movement had absolutely nothing to do with the horrible tragedy in Tucson - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ASSHOLE! In fact dumb-ass, all the facts indicate Loughner is a LIBERAL/COMMUNIST! My God, you liberals have no limits to the levels you will stoop do you? Forget all the facts ... blame the right for everything even when not a single FACT points to the right NONE, NIL, ZERO ... And speaking of ZEROS - you're a ZERO! And as is my new policy - As I no longer carry on conversations with liberal lemming idiots - I will block your email address so don't waste your time replying - I could care less what you think.
Ron doesn't care what I think as evidenced by his calm, nonchalant tone and the fact that he wrote me to address what I think--or what he thinks I think. I received a few of these types of messages claiming I blamed poor Sarah Palin for the shooting. Last week's cartoon with Obama was even said to be "boot licking" despite being an indictment of his Afghanistan policy. I expect my cartoons coming out this week will really puzzle them.
01.24.2011 |