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Seriously, what is going on in this cartoon? So much is happening, I can't even make it out. I assume it's something about taxes and states having budget problems, but by the last panel I'm actually shouting at my computer screen for answers.
Chuck Asay Creators Syndicate Inc. Jan 21, 2011
NEVADA?! Where has--you know what, never mind. Four turds, the maximum amount, for this unforgivable error.
Tim Hartman Beaver County Times, Valley … Jan 21, 2011
This might actually be the worst editorial cartoon ever. I can imagine worse, but they have yet to materialize. There is so much bad, it's hard to know where to begin in breaking it down. It's a seventy year-old bad joke--a racist version, at that--taken from the most famous comedy duo of all time. His regard for his audience is so low that Abbot and Costello are labeled with their first and last names so as not to confuse them with any other comedy duo with the same names, and Hu--if you didn't get that part either--is explained in a long newspaper headline. It makes no point, is not funny, is not the slightest bit clever, has no opinion, and displays contempt for the reader, the craft, the press, the Chinese, comedy, jokes, and the creator himself. Astounding.
John R. Rose
Byrd Newspapers of Virginia
Jan 21, 2011
01.21.2011 |