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Some cartoons that caught my eye today... This cartoon tackles the real issue with the Arizona shooting, combating mothers who teach kids about boogie men. Note the hippie mug for the unbeliever of evil and "#1 Dad" mug for the guy who carries a file on Loughner around the office. And the point of this cartoon seems to be... that boogie men actually exist under your bed? I'm not sure.
Terry Wise
Ratland Ink Press
Jan 18, 2011
This one is interesting. The embodiment of "Civility" is a white male from the colonial era. Probably not Aaron Burr, I'm guessing.
Bruce Beattie
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Jan 18, 2011
Then, on the heels of the Arizona tragedy, comes another: Steve Jobs is taking leave from work. I guess Sherffius must hold Jobs near to his heart. Without Apple products, there's no way he could have done this cartoon in 30 seconds.
John Sherffius
Jan 18, 2011
01.18.2011 |