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And If He Were Muslim?

One need only compare Jared Loughner to Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, to see the different kind of debate we would be having in America if the Tucson shooting was carried out by a Muslim. Instead of being a tone-deaf narcissist complaining of blood libel, Palin would be at the forefront of connecting rhetoric to real-world violence!

Most (all?) conservatives considered the Ft. Hood shooting a terrorist attack. Virtually no one has said Jared Loughner is a terrorist. He’s a lone nut. America has a lot of lone, white nuts that all act alone but the brown nuts are part of a worldwide war.

In Hasan’s case, his mental stability wasn’t discussed as much–Islam being a sufficient cause in and of itself to explain his rampage. Loughner thought the government controlled grammar and snapped photos of himself in a thong with his gun (can’t wait ’til those hit the net), so he’s crazy and forget about his anti-government beliefs. There was nothing political about it–just random violence! Never mind that he planned ahead.”

Here’s a cartoon on Joe Stack, who amazingly inspired some understanding from lawmakers, and another here that relates to this topic.

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01.17.2011 |