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2011 should be a good year. Sure, for politics, the unemployment rate and world peace it will be a bust. But for me trying to do comics for a living it looks more promising than past years. The political cartoons continue to be my main priority and since finishing up War Is Boring last year I've become involved in a number of other projects. The most exciting one being Cartoon Movement, the new site where I am Comics Journalism Editor. After my Afghanistan series finishes this month, we'll start to run work from other artists. I'm looking to publish 12 pieces in 2011 and have been in touch with comic journalists from around the world. I'm setting up reports from Iraqi refugee camps to the streets of England and the slums of Rio. And a lot more. If things work out with the site I have some ambitious long-term goals as well. I've been helping to recruit editorial cartoonists for the site to do international topics--our goal is to become the place for international editorial cartoons and comic journalism. I'm in the beginning stages of three or four or five different projects, most of them books that won't be finished this year and maybe not next given I'm dividing my time between so many things. Those will be rolled out when ready (or die quiet deaths) but I will announce one right now--more as a pledge to help motivate me to actually do it. For years I've been threatening to print a collection of my political cartoons and this year I'm going to do it. I may pitch to a publisher or self-publish to sell to fans through the website. Both have their benefits and I'm turning them over in my head now. As always, thanks for following my twice weekly droppings. Here's to another year-long trail of them!
01.03.2011 |