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Go Dystopian!

During the Bush years it was a daily struggle deciding if policies were more "Orwellian" or "Kafka-esque." Heated debates would divide the literate. Now conservatives need their own author of nightmares to characterize the Obama years and I'd like to suggest the term "Burgessian." I finished reading "The Wanting Seed" by Anthony Burgess this weekend and it's bound to frighten conservatives. Sales for this novel could soon be skyrocketing along with "Atlas Shrugged."

Imagine reading a book that describes a wildly overpopulated planet where government bureaucrats run everything and enact the following:
  • One child policy enforced by federal agency with thuggish officers
  • Strict food rationing
  • Encouraging of homosexual relationships ("It's Sapien to be homo")
  • Affirmative action and other preferential treatment for those who choose homo lifestyle.
  • Family is not the center of society (it's discouraged and considered criminally selfish)
  • War has been abolished
  • Religion has been abolished
  • Other stuff I'm forgetting
If you just thought to yourself "OMG! THAT'S ALL COMING TRUE!" then this book is for you!

Seriously guys, time to dump Ayn Rand and get a dystopian novel to rally around. You can't really be an opposition unless you have slogans from a poli-sci-fi book to put on your protest placards. That way you can walk around for eight years marveling at how "this is just like The Wanting Seed!"

You'll also want to not pay attention to the last 2/3 of the book to see what happens when this crazy government collapses. (Imagine Afghanistan run by Catholics where restaurants serve human flesh.)
04.27.2009 |