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Cartoon Battle

A poll over at the Comics Riff blog caught my eye. It features a number of caricatures of foreign leaders and asks "which cartoonist drew your favorite?" Amazingly, the current winner is a cartoon by John Sherffius featuring Ayatollah Khomeini. He's been dead for twenty years, but I suppose his ghost ordered the Iranian government to imprison that poor journalist in his beard.

I'd hate to be jailed in a beard.

Good caricature, huh? Sherffius can draw with the best of them but when he uses Photoshop he really nails the likeness for some reason.

I wanted to see how fast I could replicate this master so I hit up Google image search and grabbed the first result. Then I opened it in Photoshop and applied the Threshold adjustment. Putting the levels at 128 seemed right. Next, I made his eyes appear like they were looking forward and extended his villainous black cloak a bit.

I added Elvis in the weird jail beard because those crazy Iranians hate that hip-shaking troublemaker and all the swooning the ladies do over him.

5 exhausting minutes later I was all done.

Which one of these cartoons is a better caricature? Whose use of Threshold captured the face better? Please vote in my comments section.
04.27.2009 |