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I picked up some books at the Stumptown comics convention this weekend and wanted to plug two of them.

Erica Moen has released a collection of her comic "Dar," a hilarious webcomic that you really should be reading. It's an auto-bio strip that often focuses on her sex life, farts, queefs and other important matters. (If that doesn't sound interesting to you then we can't be friends.)

Also, CWA colleague Kevin Moore released a collection of his political cartoons, "Hope, Change and All That Crap" featuring strips from the last few years. I gave Kevin a quote for the book: "Moore has a lethal trifecta of talent many editorial cartoonists lack: humor, drawing chops and a brain." His comics focus more on politics than queefing, which is an area I'd like to see him delve into.
04.20.2009 |