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Being in high school at the time of the Columbine shootings was interesting in that I got to see the before and after effects first hand. During my Freshman year the security was so lax you could literally light up joints a few yards from the building with nary a concern. My Senior year school resembled a police state similar to Orwell's "1984" which we were reading in English class. Looking back, it was as if every Principal overreacted like Bush did after 9/11, implementing "security policies" that didn't make anyone safer.

Almost overnight there were metal detectors, random locker searches with drug dogs, cameras covering every inch of terrain and armed police officers stationed in the lunch room. Stasi-like hallmonitors demanded to see your papers--in this case, the wooden block labeled "Boys" that permitted you to go pee pee. The most pointless and frustrating policy at the time were the ID tags we were forced to wear. Every student had to wear a lanyard around his or her neck with an ID tag on it. Even in a classroom, where a teacher could be reasonably sure you were in fact the same person you were yesterday, the lanyard had to be on at all times or you would be written up. I really cannot stress how strict they were about this policy.

We wondered what purpose the ID tags served, seeing as how students walking through the front door with guns blazing would probably not be subject to scrutiny on the matter.
04.19.2009 |