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The Difference

The Tea Parties are going on today and the coverage they are getting is extraordinary.

I remember protesting the Iraq War in 2003 before the invasion. I was in Washington, DC and had never seen so many people in one place before. Protests against our insane government were occurring all over the planet on that day--in some overseas cities a million people showed up.

There wasn't a single network promoting these events around the clock. In fact, I can't recall a single cable news host that was even sympathetic in those days--except Phil Donahue, whose show was canceled despite being the top rated program on MSNBC. There was no major funding and promotion from interest groups in Washington. There wasn't very much support from the Democratic Party, many of whom supported that bloody debacle.

If that many people descended on Washington today for a Tea Party Protest, conservative lawmakers would be trampling each other to get in front of the crowds and cameras.

I think Dennis Kucinich showed up at the one I was at.
04.15.2009 |