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Tea Party

A few years ago, the supposed threat of gay marriage was one of the decisive factors in the presidential election. Today, as more states allow it, it seems less an issue. The Right has Obama now.

The “tea parties” taking place around the country this week will protest the fact that conservatives have to pay taxes under a Democratic administration, along with a host of conspiracy theories about George Soros and Obama being a foreigner.

Tea bagging of another sort is still all-consuming to some on the Right. Talk show host Dennis Prager said this on CNN’s Reliable Sources this Sunday: “I don’t think that the press covers always what’s most important because, honestly, whatever side you’re on, I can’t think, frankly, of a more important issue, even including the economy, then the definition of marriage.”

You got that? We can all lose our jobs, but as long as queers aren’t allowed to file joint tax returns Dennis Prager thinks the country is succeeding.

04.12.2009 |