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I hope you are not suffering from this debilitating illness. It’s infectious.

The Right–well, it’s hardly worth noting they are not consistent. Let’s just say the way they have been acting is very interesting considering the “Bush Derangement Syndrome” they once talked about. They wait until after the guy who favored the Unitary Executive Theory leaves office to worry about dictatorship.

The Left–where is it? You barely hear a peep out of liberals who would be crowing if creepy McCain did some of the same things Obama is pulling–defending state secrets, keeping Bagram open, etc. Even many political cartoonists, who love to tout themselves as fearlessly uncompromising, seem to be pulling their punches.

My favorite sufferer of PCLD is the liberal talker Randi Rhodes (currently off the air). She’s an Obama apologist of the highest order. Any illegality or transgression against progressive values can be explained away or shoehorned into some grand liberal strategy she believes he’s hatching.

04.08.2009 |