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Sign Wars

This comic ran in The Oregonian on Sunday and deals with local topics so it won't be relevant to most of you. However, here's some background if you are interested: The battle to rename a street--any street at this point--"Cesar Chavez Boulevard" has been raging for years in Portland with no end in sight. A ton of money has been wasted on consultants and a lot of ill will has developed between the sparring factions.

Another sign in dispute is the large "Made In Oregon" sign visible from the riverfront. It has changed names over the years to reflect whatever its private business owners want on it and the new owners, The University of Portland, want theirs to adorn it. Many Portlanders were outraged to learn they don't control this sign, so City Commissioner Randy Leonard has moved to condemn and seize it for them. The justification? Leonard says that if it is private a pornographer could buy the sign and put "Porno Palace" on it.
04.07.2009 |