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CEO Janitors

I remember when I got suspended from school once and thought it was the best punishment ever. I went home, watched cartoons and drank juice boxes! That’s kind of what happened to the CEO of GM–except he never has to go back. And he’s filthy rich.

Imagine not having to work for the rest of your life and your only responsibility is figuring out how on Earth you are going to spend $20 million. Americans have a term for this: Winning the lottery.

There’s been a debate over whether or not it’s appropriate for the president to fire the heads of private companies receiving bailout money. Conservatives think it’s an outrageous abuse of power and that the president really should stay within the reasonable boundaries of ripping out the fingernails of suspected terrorists with pliers.

Update: I should have added a link to the previous CEO/Janitor comics (part one and two) from a few years back. It’s a theme I will probably visit again given the equitable wages and such in corporate America.

04.06.2009 |