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Are people really talking about Michelle Obama touching the Queen of England? Yes. Apparently, the Queen is such a supreme being she must not be touched by the peasants of the land or the wives of leaders who are actually elected. I think the pope has a similar rule. It's not OK to touch the man unless you are bowing down and kissing his hand or something.

Hearing about all the protocols one must follow when you are in the presence of those old coots really gets my blood boiling. Makes me want to grab a flag and start singing "I'm Proud to be an American" while gun nuts blast assault rifles at the sky. It's hard to understand why people would want to keep the so-called Royal Family around, even as a tradition. Is it the tradition of being ruled over that excites them so?

To me, the queen and the pope are average citizens masquerading around as powerful figures hoping the spell and historical weight of their titles doesn't wear off. Strip away their bizarre outfits and annoying rules that elevate their existence beyond that of the average Earthling and you'd have Liz Mary and Joe Ratzinger, unremarkable wrinkly people playing checkers in a retirement home.
04.02.2009 |