Matt Bors
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Love It Or Leave It

Could there be a more selfish group than America’s rich conservatives?

They live better than 99% of human beings on Earth. They live better than almost all human beings who have ever lived. They live in the richest country to ever exist in the history of the world. And yet they complain endlessly about paying taxes–in a place where their selfish ass is allowed to thrive.

They’ve been coddled for decades. We’ve cut their taxes in times of peace and war. We’ve slashed regulations. We’ve weakened labor. We’ve given them lobbying laws that legalized bribery. We’ve bailed out their failed industries.

They still don’t think they have enough.

This is a country that migrants risk their lives to enter just for the privilege of toiling in the blazing sun to pick our fruit for sub-standard wages and men who make tens of millions of dollars a year sitting behind a desk have the nerve to complain about paying their fair share of taxes.

11.19.2008 |