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It's time I finally start a mailing list. I don't have any huge plans for it but it seems like something I should have going in 2008. If you join, you don't have to worry about being constantly bombarded with tons annoying crap from me. But there will be stuff you won't see here.

Right now the list will be for sending out comics I draw for Free Inquiry and the ACLU before they appear anywhere else and any major news announcements I have. In the case of the FI comics, they don't appear anywhere but the magazine so signing up may be your only way to see them.

As an incentive to join, I will send out an election season cartoon that I chose not to issue and has never been published or seen by anyone.

To sign up, please send an e-mail with the subject "Mailing List" to comics ~at~
11.12.2008 |