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The New New Deal

Go read this letter sent out by Focus on Family (pdf link). It's a message from 2012 to let us know what Barrack Hussein Obama has accomplished during his godless socialist reign. Somehow I've only now found out about it.

As my close personal friend Wolf Blitzer likes to say, "His administration is going to hit the ground running." According to the letter, that's an understatement. In his first term the Bible is ruled "hate speech", pornography is shown at all hours of the day on cable, and old people are told to "go home and die" so rationed medical supplies can be used on the young.

One of my main complaints with the Democrats is that they've been too spineless to push the "porn at noon" agenda. The airwaves are dominated by non-porn shows. Finally some balance will be restored!

Hat tip to Abell Smith who parodies the letter in his latest comic.
11.11.2008 |