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Hussein is the new Red, White and Blue

Friedman today:
America is surely the only nation that could — in the same decade — go to war against a president named Hussein (Saddam of Iraq), threaten to use force against a country whose most revered religious martyr is named Hussein (Iran) and then elect its own president who’s middle-named Hussein.

Is this a great country or what?

HEAR, HEAR! Hold your head high, America--we got a Hussein Hard-On! (my proposed Friedmanism for this effect.) Are you named Hussein? Maybe we'll elect you. Maybe we'll invade you. Maybe we'll threaten to invade you. Whatever the case, it will show how great we are with our diverse treatment of people named Hussein.

What other countries can boast of invading a country for no reason and then, only a few years later, electing Barack Hussein Obama President?

No Countries.

As Friedman famously told Iraqis after we invaded their Insane in the Hussein Nation,* "SUCK. ON. THIS."

*Is that a good one or what? I could totally ghost write for Friedman.

11.09.2008 |