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…and the Lincoln

Cartoonists love weeping statues. And who doesn't? The image really tugs at the heart strings.

I'm not even going to post any because there are too many to choose from, but the sentient Lincoln Memorial cartoons are way out of hand. Cagle rounded up some of them in a gallery called "Lincoln Likes Obama."

There are a ton of Lincoln statues giving the thumbs up, some fist-bumping, some with tears in their eyes (and Obama logo pupils!) and even crying while fist-bumping.

The sad thing is, this theme was explored months ago when Obama won the nomination. It wasn't any better then but couldn't they think of anything else in the time between? Can we expect another wave on inauguration day?

The first problem with this is sheer laziness and unoriginality. When editors look at the cartoons coming out of the syndicates and half of them feature gleeful Abes, I bet they can't understand the argument made by cartoonists that they must employ a staffer to connect with their readers.

Secondly, is Lincoln really the best symbol to celebrate African-American accomplishment? I know he ended slavery, but it's hard to imagine him weeping over the success of blacks--he's no Frederick Douglass.

This week's batch goes down with the weeping Statues of Liberty after 9/11.
11.07.2008 |